Equipment List

  • Featuring latest Pro Tools on Custom Stonewave Audio Computer,

Atelope Orion Studio and Klark Teknik76-KT and EQP-KT, Golden age LA2A, Extensive Sample Libraries.

  • Mackie Mixer (w/outboard effects, compressors etc.) Extensive Plug-In Collection of Highest Quality Processors (EQ's & Compressors etc.) plus Latest Pitch/VocaI Correction Software

(Melodyne, Antares etc.)

  • Vintage Fender Vibrolux Electric Guitar Amp, Vox Amp, Fender Acoustisonic Acoustic Guitar Amp, Fender Bass Amp as well as Top Rated Amp Simulator Plugins for Direct Guitar and Bass.

  • Studio Instruments:

  • Guitars:Taylor 410 CE Dreadnaught & Alvarez Yari & Takamine Cutaway Classical Nylon Stringed, American Made Fender Texas Stratocaster, Scheckter Electric, G&L Strat/Tele Combo

  • Bass: G&L and Hohner Bass (with Active Electronics)

  • DI Boxes Orchid Electronics (1) Dual Channel Micro Di Box, (2) Classic DI Boxes, REDDI Box. Full Pedalboard Analog FX (Distorition, Wah, Delay, Chorus, Comp)

  • Keyboards: Casio Privia PS-5X with Sustain Pedal, 60 Key Korg Ml *Drums: Pearl Studio Sessions with 4 Toms and Zildjan A Custom Cymbals/Hats

  • Other Instruments: Banjo, Mandolin and Accordion, Harmonicas (most keys)

  • Mics: Pearlman U-47, Vintage Microtech Geffel UM70, Sputnik, CAD Condensers and Shure Dynamic Mics (Beta 58a's, SM57 etc.) matched pair Oktava Joly modded and MC-012.

  • Preamps: Grace Design, Golden Age Project, Antelope Orion, Mackie and Digidesign, Art Pro MPA ii

  • Studio Monitors: Pair of Yamaha HS8's, M Audio Sub, Pair of Auratones

  • SE Reflexion Filter (full size), "The Mic Thing" & Acoustically Treated Booth for Vocals and Acoustic Guitar/Instrument Tracking.

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