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How to Choose the Right Musician for your Wedding Ceremony

      Okay so you endured the endless string of first dates, relationships that just didn't work out and finally found that Mr. or Ms. Right and set a date! Well congratulations!! you have to plan a wedding where all your family and close friends will be joining you and it is sure to be remembered for many years to come! Many couples who are getting married the first time opt to hire a wedding planner if funds permit, however it seems more and more these days that budgets are too tight for such an extravagance as the bride and groom try to stretch their budget for the perfect venue, menu and honeymoon etc.

     Well there is good news, this article should give you everything you need to be as well educated as the best wedding planner when it comes to choosing the right musician for your wedding ceremony! First of all let's consider the location of your wedding ceremony, is it a church? On the beach? In a garden? Poolside at a resort? Second let's consider the theme of your wedding, is it traditional? Is it beach wedding with a laid-back island feel? The location does play a big part in the theme of your wedding ceremony, so let's start with some scenarios you may be considering.

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How to choose a microphone for voiceovers

Okay so you've got all the recording studio equipment now, you're familiar with your DAW and have enough experience recording to get a good professional result...

What's next?
Many Different Clients!
...but you should just be able to put up your most expensive mic through the premium preamp that you bought and achieve audio nirvana right? Well the answer is maybe, yes and no!

The setup for one person who is the talent in your session is not always ideal for everyone. Let me explain, I was doing the voiceover for the owner of an Internet-based business where people bid for builders on their home improvement projects. The mics and preamps that I had at my disposal were a good professional level. So I started with a UM70 by Microtech Geffel which is a classic and usually delivers great results for voice overs if the talent stands close enough to it to take advantage of the proximity effect. I also have a Pearlman TM – 1and my Frankenstein Mic which is the Joly-modded MK – 012 with an Oktava large diaphragm capsule MK – 101 screwed onto the top of it. I tried each of these mics through my Grace M101 preamp as well as my Golden Age Project Pre-– 73 an excellent clone of the highly sought after Neve preamps.

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